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Altar Servers

"At the Table of the Lord"

The St. Matthew altar servers are young people who assist the priests and deacons at the Mass. It is open to girls and boys who are in grade 4 and above and have received First Reconciliation and Eucharist. We have a large group of servers, including High School students. There is no set schedule, young people are encouraged to serve at the mass they attend on any given Saturday night or Sunday. It is one of the most helpful services that young people can perform in the parish and is an opportunity to learn more about the church and our worship of God. Training sessions are scheduled throughout the year.

We normally host one or two social events a year to thank our Altar Servers.

You may contact our Pastoral Minister: Joanne Montague or one of our parish priests for more information and to sign up a new server.

Contact us here.

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