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Refugee Family Resettlement Update

In 2016, St. Matthew Parish decided to sponsor a refugee family and a committee was formed to plan for the family’s arrival.  Thank you to all those parishioners who generously donated furniture, household goods, toys, clothing and funds for housing and living expenses. The family (Mom, preteen boy and preschool daughter) has been in Oakville for 1.5 years and they are thriving.  Mom has been in school full-time learning English and is just transitioning to full-time work. Her son is doing well in school and enjoying playing soccer and her little girl is quickly learning English at daycare.  It has been a joy for committee members to develop a deep bond of friendship with this grateful and courageous family!

2018 St. Matthew Parish Refugee Family Resettlement Fundraiser

We are hoping to raise funds in this final parish fundraiser to cover additional necessary living expenses, so that the family will not have to live below the poverty line.

There are 3 ways to donate to the family:

  1. At mass on the weekends of April 14/15 and April 21/22, there will be a table at the back of the church with envelopes for collecting donations.
  2. On the weekend of April 14/15, flyers will be distributed to parishioners after mass with envelopes marked, “Refugee Appeal”. Please return these to put in the collection, or the basket at the back of the church at mass on April 21/22.
  3. You may also donate online on this website. Please add that it is for the “Refugee Appeal”
  4. Please make cheques payable to “St. Matthew Parish”
  5. All donations with name and address information are eligible for a tax receipt.

Pope Francis Said:

“I would like to ask you all to see a ray of hope as well in the eyes and hearts of refugees… A hope that is expressed in expectations for the future, in the desire for friendship, in the wish to participate in the host society also through learning the language, access to employment and the education of children. I admire the courage of those who hope to be able gradually to resume a normal life, waiting for joy and love to return ... We can and must all nourish this hope!”

St. Matthew Refugee Committee, April 2018

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