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Grief Support

"Blessed are they that mourn..."

Anyone in the parish who would like spiritual support due to grieving the loss of a loved one may contact the parish to meet with any of our priests or pastoral ministers.

Grief Relief Sessions

When someone loses a loved one, we instinctively hurry to bring food to the home of the bereaved, to be present to the family, to help with immediate needs and to assist in planning the funeral and burial. After the burial and business of attending to urgent matters slow down, a new set of needs arise. The search for a new identity, the struggle to accept oneself as a whole person in a strange new role in the work of grieving.

Grief support provides companionship on the long journey through grief process. We pray, share stories of our experiences and encourage each other. We provide an environment where it is safe, acceptable and encouraged to feel.

This group provides fellowship for the journey through loss and grief through the DVD series entitled "From Mourning to Dawn" by Dr. Bill Webster, which is aimed at understanding our grief. We meet for six consecutive weeks, once in the fall and again in the spring.

All who have suffered a loss are welcome, regardless of how much time has passed since your loss.

For more information, contact our Pastoral Minister, Joanne Montague.

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