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"Go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." - Matthew 28:18-20

Baptism of Children:

It is a great gift and responsibility to bring your children for baptism. We are glad to welcome you for this important and special Sacrament. We celebrate the baptism of children two or three Sundays a month following the 12noon Mass at 1:15pm. You are required to contact the parish office to set a date. You are encouraged to arrange a date a couple months in advance to insure that the date you want is available and not full.

Baptism Preparation Session: For first time parents, we ask that you attend a preparation session. This is a one hour session to reflect on the Sacrament of Baptism and the responsibility of parents/guardians who bring their children for Baptism.

In the Catholic Rite of the Baptism of Children, after presenting their children for baptism, the priest or deacon will speak to the parents with the following commitment they agree to take on:

“You have asked to have your child baptized.  In doing so you are accepting the responsibility of training him (her) in the practice of the faith.  It will be your duty to bring him (her) up to keep God’s commandments as Christ taught us, by loving God and our neighbor.  Do you clearly understanding what you are undertaking?”

Baptism for Adults: Visit our Becoming Catholic section.

For more information, you can reach us on our Contact Us page.

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