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Pen as a message

From the earliest days of our parish, many have taken the necessary steps to ensure that the generosity of the founding parishioners has been respected. Many people have volunteered their time and talent leading to the great treasure that we have today. We have a community that serves everyone from the youngest families to the seniors among us. We believe that all should be welcome here at Saint Matthew Parish. You may have noticed that the staff of the parish are constantly working to make sure that everyone who comes here is registered here. We hope to improve our communications and refine some of the office systems, as we maintain a more thorough Parish Database.

"Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources.” (Wikipedia) The greatest resources that we have here are the gifts of time and talent of the parishioners. As a result of our baptism, we are all called to serve one another. We have established a Volunteer Screening Committee to make sure that those who volunteer are screened appropriately to protect them and the people they minister to. After being screened, these parishioners are now Ministers of the Parish, in a defined role. Expect to hear appeals from Ministry Leaders for more help as each of these areas continues to grow and as our records are updated. Thank you to the many who already minister in the parish. Consider giving of your time and talent to the parish!

Thank you!

Father Tim.

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