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One Heart One Soul

One Heart One Soul

The Diocese of Hamilton is conducting the One Heart, One Soul Campaign to raise money for every parish in the Diocese and for shared ministries. Answers to a set of Frequently Asked Questions appear in parish bulletins regularly. A compilation of all questions that have been published are available throughout the campaign at

What are the potential benefits of the campaign’s focus on campus ministry?

We know that many Catholic young people who go away to college and university are going to Mass less when they graduate. We want to help college and university students form networks and communities that help them to be comfortable living out their faith. In short, the Diocese wants to support Catholic students during an important time in their lives. Campaign funds will be allocated toward staff and program costs for chaplaincy programs associated with post-secondary institutions within the Diocese.

How would the hospital ministry goal be beneficial?

Hospital ministry is a way for the Church to be Jesus for us during a difficult time, providing comfort, peace and healing as we tackle big questions. The campaign goal will serve to improve what we already do to make the Church present to a population that might not be present in our parishes. Funds will provide for:

•           Pastoral formation and training for those who minister to the sick, whether it be priests, deacons, seminarians or lay hospital ministers.

•           Resources for and promotion of palliative care, which aims to relieve the symptoms, pain and stress of a serious illness.

Why the focus on prison ministry and help for migrant workers?

These goals aim to help raise the consciousness of the Diocese at large to these populations and their needs. The Church is theirs, too, and the Church needs to be there for them for the same reason it ministers to all of us. Funds from the campaign will enhance the mission and vision of prison ministry, in particular by formalizing the structure of the ministry in the Diocese. That will include the training of deacons and lay volunteers to help them share the healing and compassion of Jesus with those confined in correctional institutions. For migrant workers, the Diocese is committed to ensuring their spiritual and pastoral care for the period they spend in the area providing labour in the industries in which they work.

For a list of all the grants awarded, see the link on the Ex Corde website,

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