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Mission Appeal Weekend August 12/13


Rev. Raju Pilla will be at the parish on the weekend of August 12/13 speaking about the works and needs of the Latin Archdiocese of Trivandrum in India.

Trivandrum has about 270,000 Catholics.  90% of the people are traditional fishermen who depend on fishing for their livelihood and 10% are farm workers who are recent converts from low caste Hindus.  “Harvest is plentiful but Labourers are few!”  Unemployment and poverty are most rampant in this community.  The Archdiocese depends on outside assistance to support its clergy, seminarians and Catechists and to continue its Spiritual, Educational and Economic developmental programs for the Community.

Many coastal villages of the Archdiocese are still struggling to recover from the 2004 Tsunami devastation which destroyed many lives, homes and fishing equipment.   One of their challenges is to find ongoing assistance with food and lodging to support the poorest students who are admitted into two special high schools that were established after the Tsunami.

Your donation to the Missions is much appreciated and may God bless you.

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