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Wedding Music

Among the many festivities that surround the celebration of marriage, the liturgical celebration stands out as the most important for members of the Christian community. It is in this gathering that the bride and groom publicly celebrate the love of God in Jesus Christ and, in the exchange of their marriage vows, commit themselves to be ambassadors of this love to one another and the world for the rest of their lives.

Like every liturgical celebration in which the Church celebrates its life in Christ and offers worship to God, the celebration of Christian marriage involves the prayer of all who are assembled in faith, the proclamation of God’s word, and the song of God’s people. Music is integral to every celebration of marriage.

When considering the music for the celebration of marriage, the bride and groom, in consultation with the parish musicians, ought to consider the following:

  1. Does the music invite all who have gathered to participate fully in the celebration?

  2. Is the music appropriate for a public act of worship?

  3. Is the music appropriate for the particular ritual moment in the celebration for which it is being chosen?

  4. Is the music selected inspired by the scripture readings that will be proclaimed during the celebration?

  5. In the selection of music, is priority given to the parts of the celebration in which the entire assembly ought to be engaged in singing?

  6. What musical resources are available in the parish community? What hymn books are used? In general, the use of music which is found in the parish hymnal is always fitting for the celebration of Christian marriage.

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